Let’s shut down antifeminism!


As feminists, we regularly encounter situations where we would really like to react by affirming our values, especially considering the prevailing reactionary climate. This guide wants to help you with that.We are, once again, in a period of increased resistance against feminist ideas. If we do not find satisfying solutions to the situations described in this guide, we risk to be silenced. Those situations also affect people who do not (yet) define themselves as feminists, because they hinder the participation of more people in the wom-en’s rights movement.This guide will not give you ready-for-use answers, like ”if the other person says A, then you say XY.” It is more about sharing certain basic tools to encourage you to find your own answers, according to your taste and preferences. For that, we share our tips & tricks to know when to act, how to keep cool, how to protect yourself, on what basis to take strategic decisions and, above all, what to say once you have made your choice.This guide is not a complete list of all the situations that a feminist can encounter, nor an exhaustive repertoire of all the possible answers. It is a starting point and we hope that you will make use of it, and build answers that are fitting for you.Good luck and, most importantly, enjoy